Situated in the south of İzmir city, Seferihisar is the meeting point of nature, history, and the sea. It is the first town in Türkiye to join the Cittaslow movement. 

In Seferihisar, the streetlamps are solar-powered. Local seeds are grown, and mesh net bags are used instead of nylon bags where local goods are sold. The district's restaurants offer local delicacies that are unique to Seferihisar. Homemade, fresh, and natural products can be found in the market that is set up inside the Sığacık Castle every Sunday. 

The archaeological site of Teos, located 5 kilometres from Seferihisar, is one of the oldest and most important historical ruins in the district. Teos was one of the 12 Ionian cities of the Ionian League, and according to the historian Pausanias, it was established by the descendants of Athamas, a mythological Boeotian king. 

Seferihisar has a 49-kilometre-long coastline with many beaches and bays, each more beautiful than the next. The district has the most beaches with Blue Flag in Türkiye. There are 11 in total, 9 of which are public beaches. Daily charter boats that tour the district’s beautiful bays leave from Sığacık Port.

Seferihisar is the tangerine capital of Türkiye, and each year in November, it welcomes the tangerine season with the Tangerine Festival. Many mouth-watering delicacies made of tangerines are available to taste at the festival. 

Apart from citrus fruits, Seferihisar is also famous for its wine growing. 

The Sığacık Local Producers’ Market, held every Sunday, has gained a nationwide reputation for upholding its local values, and despite its popular reputation, the market retains its authenticity. Among the vendors selling fruits and vegetables, jams, and handcrafted products, you’ll come across many women vendors and products created by the efforts of women artisans. 

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