Çeşme, Alaçatı and Urla

Çeşme is one of the most popular tourist areas of İzmir with its crystal clear waters, therapeutic thermal waters, historical monuments, vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. 

Located at the tip of the Çeşme Peninsula, stretching into the Aegean Sea to the west of İzmir, towns of Çeşme, Alaçatı, Ilıca, and Urla are major regional holiday destinations. 

Alaçatı region is a famous windsurfing destination while the Çeşme Peninsula as a whole offers plenty of unique and unforgettable holiday alternatives. 

One of the quaintest towns in Türkiye, Alaçatı is a posh holiday destination on the Aegean coastline with its well-preserved stone houses, charming boutique hotels, dining and entertainment venues that overspill into the streets, and coves and beaches each more beautiful than the other. 

Ancient "Erythrai" which is a village of Çeşme town, today known as Ildırı is a cosy fishing village with an impressive ancient theatre on the hill overlooking the sea.

Urla offers an authentic and multicultural setting featuring picturesque cobblestone streets, pocket-sized squares, and cafes shaded by centuries-old plane trees. Fishing boats, village markets, vineyards, wineries and olive groves further convey the Aegean spirit of Urla. 

In Anatolia, olives have been known for about six thousand years. The world’s oldest olive oil workshop was discovered at the ancient Klazomenai in Urla. The microclimate and terrain of Klazomenai are also ideally suited for viticulture; wines produced in ancient times were found in unique amphorae. Archaeological finds indicate that these wines were sold across wide geography covering the Western Mediterranean and the Black Sea coasts from the seventh century BCE. 

The Urla Vineyard Route (Urla Bağ Rotası) presents visitors with an opportunity to sample high-quality wines made from grapes with a six-thousand-year history. In addition, visitors can enjoy peaceful vineyard walks, first-class wineries in boutique establishments, and dining in outstanding gourmet restaurants. The Urla Vineyard Route is a haven of serene landscapes featuring traditional stone cottages, wine houses meeting with elegance, palm trees and horse ranches. In the harvest season, vineyards are colourful with brilliant green vines and fat, juicy red grapes.

In addition to wines, Türkiye’s Aegean region is famous for its cuisine, which spotlights herb dishes, artichoke dishes, and appetizers made using olive oil (hot or cold small plates served before or during meals). This distinctive and very local cuisine is beautifully complemented by regional wine. 

Karaburun Peninsula located right to the west of Urla, enchants its visitors with its untouched nature and turquoise waters. The town of Karaburun ancient Mimas is a must-see destination not only with its history of thousands of years, but also with its clean sea, secluded beaches and charming and fragrant narcissus flower. The Narcissus flower, which is one of the symbols of Karaburun and is named after a mythological story, can be harvested from the end of November to the beginning of February when the winter cold starts. 

One of the first “Cittaslow” cities of Türkiye, Seferihisar is located in the southeast of the Çeşme Peninsula. The town is a perfect blend of nature and city life. The ruins of the ancient port city of Teos lie along today’s mediaeval port citadel of Sığacık.  One of the largest temples dedicated to Dionysos, and a well-preserved theatre in the midst of ancient olive trees lie in this historical setting.

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