Ayvalık is famous for its diving, beaches, expansive national parks and stunning architecture. The gorgeous views and quaint town will have you coming back year after year.

In Ayvalık, you can visit Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Feast) and enjoy the marvellous sunset.  It is recommended to try "papalina" (a type of sprat) fish whilst on the Cunda Island (Cunda Adası) of Ayvalık and its famous toasted sandwiches “Ayvalık Tostu”.

It is impossible to imagine Ayvalık without its sanctuaries. Saatli Mosque (Saatli Cami), Çınarlı Mosque (Çınarlı Cami), Hamidiye Mosque (Hamidiye Cami), Hayrettin Paşa Mosque (Hayrettin Paşa Cami), Küçükköy Central Mosque (Küçükköy Merkez Cami), Taxiarchis Church (Taksiyaris Kilisesi), Ayazma Church (Ayazma Kilisesi), Hagios Triada (Hagia Triada Kilisesi) Church are just some of them to explore.

The beaches of Ayvalık offer visitors several ways to enjoy a holiday of sea, sun and sand. The most notable beach is the Sarımsaklı Beach (Sarımsaklı Plajı), which is renowned for dry sands that do not stick to the body. Bamboo beach bars and coastal restaurants serving fresh juices and the local cuisine let visitors have a nice break from the sea and sun.

Its 22 islands, 60 diving spots, year-round diving options, and rich underwater fauna and flora make Ayvalık a diver's paradise. The "red coral" that can be seen in 34 diving spots along the Ayvalık coast is enchanting. Divers choose Ayvalık for its abundant coral reefs, crystal clear water, and a multitude of diving spots.

With its optimal climate conditions and favourable wind and waves, Ayvalık is also a very popular destination for windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts. Professional instructors are on hand and organised activities are available so that enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy the sports safely.

After all of your hard work diving, swimming, walking and soaking up the rays you deserve some delicious, freshly caught fish, locally sourced meze and flowing rakı, an aniseed-flavoured alcoholic beverage. We recommend enjoying the sunset with good food and lively conversation at one of many seaside meyhane (taverns) in Ayvalık.

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