Located 4 nautical miles from the mainland (Geyikli Pier), formerly known as Tenedos, today known as Bozcaada, it is like a paradise with its houses and streets preserving its old architectural texture, deep blue sea, calm beaches, hills with thyme scent, and vineyards where delicious wines are produced. This is an island that you can visit throughout the year to watch the sunset from the point where the wind roses and Polente Lantern are located at the westernmost end of the island, for hiking and cycling on its not very rough roads, kite-surfing at Çayır Beach (Çayır Plajı), exploring the undersea in the bays, one of the most important diving spots of the Aegean Sea.

In ancient times, the island was known as Leukophrys while its name “Tenedos” derives from a legend of mythology. In the 16th century, for the first time, it was referred to as Bozcaada by the famous Ottoman navigator, geographer, and cartographer Piri Reis.

Bozcaada's unique nature is further enhanced by the beauty of its beaches and crystal-clear waters. It has 12 bays and is surrounded by 17 small islets

Bozcaada is known for its viticulture and wine production. The island, most of which is covered with vineyards, boasts many centres of wine production.Grape culture is an inseparable part of the island's life with vines decorating the balconies of the beautiful old houses on the cobblestone streets.

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