Situated on the southwest coast of the Turkaegean, in the province of Aydın, Didim has a rich cultural heritage, golden beaches, and a coast of intricate coves, each a wonder of nature.  

Ancient Didim, Didyma was not a city but a shrine related to Miletos, the great maritime city of the Archaic period, and it was connected to Miletos with a 17 km sacred way. The Temple of Apollo in Didim is one of the largest and best-preserved temples of the ancient world. There are few better beaches on the Aegean coast than the beautiful Altınkum, and it’s easy to hop on a boat trip to one of the picturesque coves to enjoy a swim.  

Fascinating ancient cities and gorgeous natural wonders await you. Didim is not a run-of-the-mill summer resort: the tourist attractions are only the start. The vibrant life of the city continues well after the summer season closes down. 

The Aegean underwater world around Didim creates amazing opportunities to explore marine life and the chance to explore a deliberately sunken former coastal guard ship. The route between Güzelçamlı-Dilek Peninsula (Güzelçamlı-Dilek Yarımadası) and Didim-Akbük is suitable for bicycle tours.

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