Türkiye is the perfect destination to enjoy a wellness experience. Home to ancient healing centres such as Hierapolis and Pergamon, the global tourism hub has a longstanding history of wellness and rejuvenation. Türkiye’s wellness culture dates back thousands of years, but the country also has strong roots in Global Wellness Day, which happens to be created and transformed into a globally recognized day by the Turkish wellness pioneer Belgin Aksoy. Global Wellness Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday in June. 

Heal and Rejuvenate in World-Leading Thermal Facilities of Türkiye 

An unparalleled wellness tourism destination, Türkiye’s thermal resources rank 1st in Europe and 7th globally. Every year, hundreds of thousands of international visitors flock to Türkiye’s facilities where they enjoy the country’s thermal springs for almost 300 days in a year. 

A famed thermal spring destination known as the capital of thermal tourism in Türkiye, Afyonkarahisar in the Aegean region offers high mineral content waters in Gazlıgöl, Heybeli, Ömer, Hüdai, and Gecek. These destinations’ thermal waters stand out with high levels of carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, bromide, and fluoride and help heal skin diseases as well as stomach, kidney, and bowel illnesses.

Located close to Denizli in southwestern Türkiye, Pamukkale offers a wonderful sight of calcite travertines created by mineral waters. Built on the ancient spa city of Hierapolis and a vacationer spot for more than 2,000 years, this historical and natural wonder is home to three thermal regions: Sarayköy, Gölemezli and Karahayıt, all of whose waters are rich in iron and calcium. 

Enjoy Traditional and Modern Wellness Treatments in Hammams and Spas 

A phenomenon that has been around since Ancient Rome, Turkish hammams are an essential part of Turkish culture. A place of social gatherings in the Ottoman era, Turkish hammams of current times are frequented for hot steam hydro-therapy which has many benefits ranging from relieving stress, cleansing the skin, eliminating toxins, and improving blood circulation to clearing the respiratory tract. 

You can enjoy this relaxing and healing ritual in the historical hammams of Türkiye. In addition to the top-quality traditional hammams, Türkiye is home to great spa hotels. Spa facilities in Bodrum, and İzmir employ innovative and integrative methods, offering a wide range of treatments amongst the authentic and natural assets of Türkiye. Seaside spa facilities offer seawater treatments that help heal cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and skin problems. Some of the notable spa facilities in Türkiye offer are massages, medicinal plants, aromatherapy, fitness, yoga, meditation, food supplements, personal care, and weight control. 

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