Travel Responsibly

Green Accommodation: 

Bicycle Friendly Hotels 

As part of encouraging sustainable tourism and attracting ethical and active travellers, Türkiye has established the “Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation Facilities Certificate” to promote bicycle tourism in 2020. The certificate is awarded to hotels and other types of accommodation that meet a range of criteria such as providing safe parking spaces for bicycles, employing staff who have a knowledge of local cycling routes, and providing a bicycle cleaning and repair area. There are 7 facilities having Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation Facilities Certificate in the Aegean.

For details please see: https://gocyclingturkiye.com/bicycle-friendly-accomodation-facilities 

Camping and Glamping Areas 

Imagine a route near the turquoise sea and golden sand, hidden bays and forests, crossing the western coasts of Anatolia!

We’re starting at Çanakkale in northwest Türkiye, heading south, through historical and cultural lands, and finishing on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. This route promises many ancient cities, amazing landscapes, majestic bays, and endless green to rejuvenate ourselves! 

For details please see: https://gocampingturkiye.com/aegean-and-mediterranean-coasts-route . 

Eco-Labels and Certifications: 

Blue Flag 

The Blue Flag is one of the world’s most prestigious international awards, aiming to ensure that beaches, marinas, and sustainable boat tourism operators meet a range of environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria. Türkiye is proud to rank third in the world with 519 Blue Flag beaches!  

There are 188 beaches and 15 marinas that are awarded Blue Flag certification on the coast of happiness.

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