Rediscovering Türkiye's Aegean Vineyard Routes

The TurkAegean is full of small towns where visitors can go on grape harvest tours, experience for themselves the region’s grape harvesting traditions, taste high-quality wines, and dine at local restaurants that serve their own brands of authentic wine. These grape harvest routes provide visitors with a heightened awareness of nature and offer a unique, selective experience. We’ve prepared a quick read about the unique, quaint towns that have made a name for themselves as major grape production areas. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore your favorite Aegean vineyard, harvest grapes, and taste test a selection of the best local wine.


Situated off the northwestern coast of Çanakkale, Bozcaada is a lovely island famed across Türkiye for its grape production and viticulture. A must stop on the grape harvesting route, Bozcaada hosts a four-day harvest festival that is organized every September. With live music, lovely market stalls selling handmade gifts and souvenirs, art exhibitions, panels, and theater performances, the festival is an all-in-one experience that shouldn’t be missed.

The Grape Harvest Festival brings together local producers and visitors who gather at the vineyards and collect the harvest from the fields, while live music accompanies their activities. Visitors arrive at the island by boat, traveling on the beautiful, blue waters of the TurkAegean. At night, when the harvest is in, you can walk along Bozcaada’s famous cobblestone streets, and wander around the picturesque harbor. There is a variety of restaurants and cafés here, each with its own unique tale to tell.


Located in southwestern İzmir city, Urla proudly takes its place among the leading districts when it comes to winemaking.

Throughout history, Urla’s vineyards have produced the most exquisite wines, and they continue to offer you the same experience today as local traditions have been diligently sustained. In addition, grape harvesting is also celebrated within the borders of the small town at the annual Urla Grape Harvest Festival. The two-day festival, which has been celebrated for 27 consecutive years, features live performances, interviews, and many other activities with participants coming from all across the world.

Among the festival’s events, grape treading gets all the spotlight! This time-honored maceration method sees young women stomp on the grapes with their bare feet to release the grapes’ juices and start fermentation.


Close your eyes and imagine a vibrant hamlet tucked in the lush mountain peaks of the TurkAegean. Now, open your eyes to Şirince! With its diverse fusion of old Ottoman architecture and traditional Turkish county vibes, the small town of Şirince also showcases pristine and exhilarating nature.

You will be inspired by the authentic wines and wineries, handmade natural soaps, the captivating Church of St. John the Baptist with its gorgeous interior, and the local gastronomic specialties. Recognized worldwide for its viticulture, this tiny village constitutes one of Türkiye’s wine hubs. Here, wines are produced from nearly all types of local fruits from apples and raspberries to melons and cherries.

The TurkAegean is guaranteed to satisfy your love of high-quality, locally produced wine – all this set against a welcoming Mediterranean background. As your visit draws to an end, you’ll definitely want to purchase a couple of bottles to take back home and share with your friends, continuing to herald the fall season in your home.

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