For keen cyclists looking for a pleasant ride on a road bike along the turquoise coast, an adventurer in search of some physical activity with plenty of sightseeing, or just a traveller who is responsibly exploring in comfort, the route options are endless in geography where East meets West here in Türkiye 

The Aegean Region of Türkiye is a wonderland. İzmir and Muğla offer unique and contrasting regions to experience on a bike. Bikers will find all the quintessential attractions to explore on two wheels: historical villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Cittaslow towns, more than a dozen ancient Ionian cities, beautiful coastlines, and delicious Aegean food accompanied by local wine. 

EuroVelo 8: Mediterranean Route 

Cultural heritage, ancient civilizations, turquoise waters, natural parks, local tastes, and Turkish hospitality... The first Eurovelo Route that Türkiye became a part of the EuroVelo 8 route, also known as the Mediterranean Route, is a 5.900 kilometres long route that passes through 11 different countries including Türkiye. Almost 500 kilometres of the overall route passes through İzmir, Türkiye‘s third largest city. 


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